Scanpix Re-Launched!!!

New Owners….. but it’s still in the family!!!!


Welcome to our re-launched Scanpix website!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Michael Henderson, son of Bryan Henderson the former owner of Scanpix and photographer for over 20 years.

Having grown up surrounded by photography with my father being a professional photographer and operating a family portrait business, I deeply understand the importance of family history and those magic moments we all hold dear.

Family photos trigger stories and memories of good and bad times, funny moments and cherished life events, giving us all deeper sense of self and our place in history.

This is why the next generation of Henderson’s will continue the legacy.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Michael Henderson

Please Don't Take My Kodachromes Away!

There was charming program on ABC last night called "First Person Kodachrome" which was a beautiful reminder of the value of film in a digital age.
The filmmaker reflects on the slide shows his father had in his childhood,and how rich the Kodachrome colour was when projected on a large screen.
He inherited the slides on his father's death and he used them in his own performance art, when he projected them onto a variety of objects, including himself!
Sadly he became aware that they were gradually losing their colour and vibrancy, but would never throw them away as the film was actually there when the photos was taken all those years ago.  They were a physical link to his past, unlike the digital images of today.

It's worth a look.

3D Printing - Changing Everything!

I went along to the Powerhouse Museum to attend a lecture on 3D printing and to see the printers in action. Hosted by ABC TV's Bernie Hobbs the speakers included a scientist, surgeon, engineer, artist and ethicist.

I have been following this technology for the last few years but wasn't quite ready for the huge leaps forward in so many areas. The biggest surprise was the range of materials that are been used; plastics, metals, ceramics, glass and even stem cells to build human body parts, such as kidneys, bladders, ears and lenses for the eye.

It is a technology that is moving so fast that Prof Gordon Wallace of Woolongong University, a centre of excellence for 3D Printing, said that at the end of every week  he was astounded by the new developments his team had achieved!  

Even food doesn't escape, there were examples of "printed" steaks!  Yummo!

Got The Photo Album Blues!

One of the fastest growing areas at Scanpix is scanning complete photo albums and saving them to DVD.  
Families are now looking at those precious albums and wondering how they can share them with siblings or other family members, well our name is Scanpix and we are here to help! 
You may have photo albums going back many years, we can scan and save them all.
We find our customers often have the ones from the 70's with the acetate cover over the photos, usually they are difficult to remove so we use our big A3 scanners to digitise them without taking them out of the album. It takes time but we understand how important they are.
So if you have a stack of lovely old albums and would love to have all the photos as part of your digital collection, don't get sad, give us a call!

Congratulations to Insight Communications

Congratulations to our colleagues, Clare and Alice Collins who run Insight Communications, they have just received an international award by AMEC in Amsterdam for their Australian campaign on the dangers of asbestos when renovating.  They were up against UK and US multi-million dollar agencies in the Not For Profit Sector, not bad for small biz that works in Redfern!  Just proves that passion persuades.

My Living Memories Video Service

A friend of ours, Robyn Walker, is now providing a wonderful video service.  

“My Living Memories” comes to your home and has a chat with you about your life and loves and provides a beautiful DVD of the conversation for your family and future generations.

It is a wonderful idea, and allows you to share your stories in your own voice and style.  Robyn is an experienced interviewer and will quickly put you at ease, and make the process enjoyable and fun.

For more information visit or contact Robyn on 0417 440 664.

Pixifoto Closes

The news that Pixifoto has now been placed into voluntary administration was sad news for the imaging industry and for the 300 people that they employed.  Since 1971 they have been taking portraits of Australian families at their local shopping centre and at an affordable price. 

On a personal note, in 1972 I was working at the professional colour lab where all the photo finishing was being done for this exciting new project.  It was thought of as bold new initiative in the photographic industry, one that had achieved great success in the US.

It is a reminder of how important our family photos are to us all now, and in the future.

Help With Photo Sorting

One of the challenges our customers face is deciding which of their photos they would like to have scanned and archived.  It can be a daunting task and one which can be quite emotional.
In the past we have helped people with the processes of sorting their photos, slides, negs, videos and movies.  It has not been a service that we have advertised, but now that it is growing in popularity we thought we make it "official".
Sometime it is just talking to you about the best way to going about it, through to sitting down with you and helping with the actual sorting.
So if you would like to have your precious photos scanned, but the thought of sorting them makes you head for the a glass of wine, we can help!

A Million Dollars or the Family Photos- Most Would Take the Photos

A recent survey the SanDisk company revealed that “photos are so precious that 64 percent of U.S. adults would not consider destroying their family photo collection for any amount of money, not even for one million dollars”

Here at Scanpix this comes as no surprise, we understand that photos document our lives and they become an integral part of the family history.  They are one of the family’s major assets and over time they quickly become priceless & irreplaceable.

What did surprise us is that 36% would take the money!

Preserving Your Photos for a 100 Years

One of the most asked questions by our customers is "now that I have transferred all my photos onto disc, how can I keep them safe?".  

The SanDisk company say they have made this task easier by creating the "Memory Vault", designed to be the photo album for the digital age, they say  it delivers the long-term reliability for valuable photos & video. They have put the unit through accelerated aging tests and say that it will preserve your material for up to 100 years.

Even though I might have my doubts about the "accelerated aging tests" at $50 for the 8GB unit, it represents a good insurance policy for all your digital images. 

The link below will give you more details.

Our Promise to You

Clearly our customers come to us for our scanning services, but it is actually a lot more than that, it's deeply personal.

When we are taking the briefing about how they want their material saved and organised, it soon becomes obvious that we are holding in our hands, photos, movies and videos that document their lives and are part of that family's history.

Our promise to all our customers is that we will treat your photographic material with the respect and care that it deserves.  We will use our skill and expertise to ensure that all the beautiful detail in your originals is digitally captured and saved for the generations to come.

We are passionate about what we do, and look forward to helping you in any way we can. 

Earning Money From Your Family Photos

There can be no doubt that the main reason that our clients use our services is to save, protect and share their family photos.  However as we archive their images we often see some fascinating photos that would be of great interest to the general public.

They may be historical photos of people and places from 1880 -1930, simple family shots of the Australian way of life from the 1950’s and 60’s or travel photos of places before they became popular, the list is endless.

By placing these images with a photo library you may be able generate some income from your family photos.  With our extensive experience in the imaging industry we can advise you about the best way to go about this to achieve outstanding results.

Interested? Contact us on 1800 061 621 and have a chat about how to get started.