3D Printing - Changing Everything!

I went along to the Powerhouse Museum to attend a lecture on 3D printing and to see the printers in action. Hosted by ABC TV's Bernie Hobbs the speakers included a scientist, surgeon, engineer, artist and ethicist.

I have been following this technology for the last few years but wasn't quite ready for the huge leaps forward in so many areas. The biggest surprise was the range of materials that are been used; plastics, metals, ceramics, glass and even stem cells to build human body parts, such as kidneys, bladders, ears and lenses for the eye.

It is a technology that is moving so fast that Prof Gordon Wallace of Woolongong University, a centre of excellence for 3D Printing, said that at the end of every week  he was astounded by the new developments his team had achieved!  

Even food doesn't escape, there were examples of "printed" steaks!  Yummo!