At Scanpix, we give you the care, experience and eye for detail your family history deserves. We digitalise every image and home movie as though it was our own and strive to bring connection to the heart of every photo and video.

Michael Henderson is our General Manager and is driven by a passion for photography, attention to detail, individual client focus and delivering a personal touch, always working to inspire and delight our clients.

Michael’s flair for creativity and visual design began in his teen years as a chef, working in some of Sydney’s top restaurants. He relished the opportunity to plate meals in creative ways, telling a story on every plate, inspiring customers imaginations and tastebuds alike.

In his 20’s Michael moved into the family business, family portrait photography. Along with his parents Bryan and Ann, they developed Thistle Photographics (the name celebrating our Scottish background) which specialised on family portraits in schools.

From the moment Michael began in photography he was hooked, the pleasure of creating balanced and beautiful compositions combined with the pure joy of creating smiles led to a 15 year career of travelling around the country, making people smile and creating joy and beautiful memories.

During this time Michael was involved in all aspects of photography, developing a deep understanding of imagery to apply to your memories today.

When the time came to sell the family business, Michael moved into a premium photographic studio as a design consultant. Working with world class photographers gave Michael the opportunity to utilise his creative flair in creating lifelong artworks and heritage layouts from family photography.

This ignited Michael’s passion and talent for creative composition, or as he simply puts it “creating beautiful things for beautiful people”. This passion is evident today in the slideshows and family wall art created by Michael which not only saves your photos and family history, but brings it to life for you to engage in a whole new way.

At Scanpix, with care, precision and style, your memories truly do come back to life.

Scanpix was founded by Bryan Henderson in 2007 utilising his lifetime of photography experience to build the foundation of what Scanpix has become today and assisting people in saving and digitalising their family history.

While designing in studios, Michael worked closely with Bryan to develop the processes to digitalise any format, always focusing on quality, care and precision, working individually with every client and image.

In 2016, Bryan put his feet up and began to enjoy his retirement. At this point Michael brought his keenly developed eye and love of family imagery and history to Scanpix full time and he is here to help with all of your digitisation needs today.

This brings us to today. We hope this has given you a little more understanding of why we love what we do so much. We would love to get to know you more. The more we understand you the better we can help… & we’d love to help you.

Look forward to meeting you soon.

Thanks Dad for finding this magic memory in my childhood slides