Why have your photos scanned? Why scan?

1: All film based images, such as prints, slides and negatives will deteriorate over time. Their colours will fade, they will be damaged, scratched or attract mould which will destroy the photos completely.

2: Keep your memories secure. The wonderful advantage of a digital image is that it will not degrade or lose quality when copied. You can store your valuable memories offsite so if a tragedy occurs like a fire or flood, then you will have the peace of mind that generations of family photographs are completely recoverable.

3: Share with friends or family. Digitalise the photos so that everyone can have a copy.

4: The greatest joy that Scanpix customers experience after having their photos scanned is the excitement of easily accessing all their lost memories and reconnecting to their past.

5: Having them digitalised and consolidated into a digital album will allow you to find any photograph quickly and efficiently.

6: Print extra copies. We provide high quality digital scans that are of print quality. Many families use them to create photobooks however Scanpix can take you one step further and create high quality albums and unique family wall art as heirlooms that span generations.

7: Discover the details hidden away for years. Enlarge your images on your computer screen and discover all the details that were not available when the photos were only 6x4”!

8: Create new memories. By updating and digitalising your family history not only allows you to reconnect to these memories but also creates new lifetime memories as you share them with friends, family and future generations.

9: It only takes once. Scanning and digitalising a lifetime of memories and family history is something you will only have to do once. A digital scan lasts forever, so let Scanpix do it right for you and you will enjoy the results forever.